Lecollective G7, Busan Station

Le collective
Busan Station


We are very grateful to welcome you and wish you a pleasant and memorable stay in Le Collective Busan Station.

Here are some useful guidelines that will make your stay better.



160, Chungjang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (4F – 61F, Hyeopseong Marina G7)

  • Please search for "Le Collective Busan Station" via Naver map, T-Map, and Kakao Navi.
  • Please find KTX/SRT “Busan station” exit number 9 and walk towards “Busan International Harbor terminal”. 
    The Skywalk is connected to level 3 of the Commercial Complex. 
    To find your room, please lead yourself to the basement 1 of the complex, and follow the signages to either Tower A or Tower B to use residence elevator. 
  • The building is divided into tower A & B and guestroom is from 3F-61F.
  • Tower A is closer to Busan station, tower B is closer to Busan International harbor terminal.

Building structure & movement

Building structure & movement

  • Please look out for tower A or B before entering the building and check your room number received via welcome message.
  • If you access by using sky walk from exit 9 of Busan station, you will enter through tower B level 3. 
    Please use the lift to level 4 to enter connecting hallway between tower A & B
  • Please scan your QR code received for check in to press your room floor in the lift.
  • Please press the password which is indicated in the check-in SMS on the wall panel for main door to enter the building.
  • By following the security guideline of the Marina G7, any visitors including delivery personnel needs to call the room no. with wall panel at the main gate.
  • All guest is required to retrieve the delivery items directly at level 1. (Delivery to your doorstep is not allowed) 

Parking & Luggage Storage

Parking &
Luggage Storage


  • Complimentary parking is available at basement level 2-4.
  • Please park near the assigned tower to avoid any crowd.

Luggage storage

  • The luggage storage room is located on the level 3 of Building B.
  • You will be receiving the password for luggage storage upon arrival via text message or Kakao messenger app.  
  • To prevent from stealing, robbery or accident, CCTVs are installed at certain public area including hallways & luggage storage.

Contactless Service & Operation

Contactless Service & Operation

Urbanstay operates based on contactless, front desk skipping service.   

Check-in: From 4pm onwards

Check-out: By 11am

  • You will be receiving a text message or “kakaotalk” notification by 12 noon upon your arrival date, and it contains all the details that will help you check in. 
  • Highly recommended to leave the room roughly an hour before the actual check out time to avoid crowds or delay in lift or parking lot.
  • Please follow your given check in time as the guestroom password will automatically reset as it gets closer to the certain time frame. 

Room Guide 

Room Guide


  • Please check on the master light switch status attached on side wall near the entrance if the light control does not work. 


  • Please use the controller attached to the wall for heating system.
  • You may find the remote controller in the room for Aircon.
  • Hot water is provided 24 hours with 2-3 minutes temperature adjustment. If you wait for more than 5 minutes, please contact our customer service agent. 


  • ID : lecollective_room, no. / PW : lecollective_room no
    ex. if your room numner is 123 : lecollective_123
  • Please use upper and lowercase letters properly while typing ID & Password.


  • Netflix and Youtube is available. (Guest personal account) 
  • If screen shows “No Input Signal”
    ① Make sure to check that your HDMI cable is well connected to TV
    ② Please reset the main router behind the TV and wait for 5 minutes until it gets re-connected
    ③ Once power is back on, make sure input status is connected to HDMI1
  • Please use KT remote controller (red color) to ON/OFF TV and setup box.
  • Individual control is available by pressing TV power and set-top power button.
  • Please use LG remote and the ham for volume control, Netflix and Youtube / KT remote for channel adjustment

Important Notes  

  • DO NOT open the emergency ladder on the floor outside the balcony. Otherwise, it will trigger emergency alarm in the building.  
  • The entire building including guestroom & balcony is smoke-free. (For any violation, you will be responsible for penalty charge of 150,000 KRW as mandatory.)
  • Please avoid any cooking such as fish or meat which might cause smoke in the room.
  • The smoke might trigger fire alarm or sprinkler and if any damage caused, guest will be responsible to its compensation.



Room & Kitchen appliances 

  • Hair Dryer
  • Kettle, Microwave, Rice cooker
  • Washing & Drying Laundry Machine
  • Dishwasher (except Premier type )
  • Induction stove, cooking pan & pot, dishes & cups in different size, utensils (chopstick, spoon, etc)

    Hair straightener, skincare products, and condiments (salt, pepper, and etc) are not provided.

Room Amenities 

 Below amenities are provided 1 time throughout your stay.

(Amenity list below is based on 2 occupants and the number amenity set will defer based on the maximum occupancy in each room type) 

  • Disposable in-room slippers * 2EA  
  • LG styler air freshner
  • Bath Towel * 2EA
  • Wall-mounted toiletries by Lyfe Project (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)
  • Dishwasher detergent (except Premier type ) 

     Below amenities are provided based on your total room nights, and the items listed below are based on 1 night.

     (Upon check in, maximum 3 nights worth of amenities are provided but, you may request for extra amenities through our customer service.)  

  • Bottled water 500ml * 2
  • Nespresso coffee machine and capsule * 2EA
  • Face Towel * 6EA (2pcs from 2 nights onward)

Additional amenity request

You may request for an additional amenity but if the number of requests exceed the quantity limit, please refer to below amount per each item.

  • Bottled water 500ml- 1,000 won
  • Disposable in-room slippers - 2,000 won
  • Nespresso coffee capsule 1ea- 1,000 won
  • SALTRAIN Travel Kit (toothpaste 30g  + toothbrush * 2ea) - 4,000 won 

Check-out guide

Check-out Guide

Garbage disposal  

  • Please throw away all the general garbage in the bin before checking out.
  • You may find the disposable plastic bag in the kitchen for all food waste and leave them in the sink before checking out.
  • Should you wish to dispose the garbage, please head down to basement level 1 for both tower A & B.

Lost & found

  • Please contact our customer service agents for any lost and found. 
  • All items are stored at least 10 days, and if the items are found, we will arrange a delivery to your home. (All food items are disposed on the same day found)

Other services

Other Services

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out  

  • Please contact our customer service agent on your arrival date for any early check in possibility. 
    We hope you understand that depending on the occupancy and cleaning schedule, early check in may not be available.
  • Please contact our customer service agent at least the night before checking out and you may extend at 10,000 KRW per hour and maximum until 2pm.

Housekeeping policy

  • The accommodation fee includes the initial cleaning service for all guests. There is no additional cleaning service provided for any extension stay.
  • Room makes up service are provided every 3rd night, but the service excludes kitchen and bathroom. 
    If your stay is 6 nights or more, the main room make up service is provided each 6th night.   
  • Please contact our customer service agent for any additional room make up service with additional cost.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Capacity per room may differ by the types of rooms and any guests under age 19 must accompany with at least one adult. 
    (Infants over 25 months are counted as a guest)
  • For any violation, you may be asked to leave immediately, and no cancellation or refund is allowed.
  • Please be informed that there will be a penalty charge of 30,000