Lecollective G7, Busan Station

Le Collective
Busan Station

Hello! This is Le Collective.
We happily welcome you to Le Collective Busan Station.

We hope you have a wonderful stay, and would like to inform you of a few things you need to know before using the accommodation.



160, Chungjang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (4F – 61F, Hyeopseong Marina G7)

  • Please search for "Le Collective Busan Stationon Naver Map, T Map or Kakao Navigation.
  • Please find KTX/SRT “Busan station” exit number 9 and 10 walk towards “Busan International Harbor terminal”. The Skywalk is connected to level 3 of the Commercial Complex.
  • The building is divided into tower A & B. To find your room, please lead yourself to the basement 1 of the complex, and follow the signages to either Tower A or Tower B to use the residence elevator. 
  • Tower A is closer to Busan station, tower B is closer to Busan International harbor terminal.

Building structure & movement

Building structure & Movement

  • Please look out for tower A or B before entering the building and check your room number received via welcome message.
  • If you access by using sky walk from exit 9 of Busan station, you will enter through tower B level 3. 
    Please use the lift to level 4 to enter connecting hallway between tower A & B
  • Please scan your QR code received for check in to press your room floor in the lift.
  • Please press the password which is indicated in the check-in SMS on the wall panel for main door to enter the building.
  • By following the security guideline of the Marina G7, any visitors including delivery personnel needs to call the room no. with wall panel at the main gate.
  • All guest is required to retrieve the delivery items directly at level 1. (Delivery to your doorstep is not allowed) 

        *Due to the building's location, additional delivery charges may be incurred when ordering delivery food.

Parking & Luggage Storage

Parking &
Luggage Storage


  • Pre-registration is required. Please check the registration link before entering the parking lot on the day you check in.
  • It's a one time registration. If you register it, you don’t need to do additional registration.

  • Parking is available on B2~B4F( Parking fees may be charged if you park on the other floor.)

  • The Premier Suite W (20 Pyeong) includes complimentary parking for one car, while the other types (40 Pyeong) offer free parking for up to two cars.

  • Parking entrance: Tower A, Residence Entrance(Parking is available for heights 2.3m and weight  2 tons or lower)

  • Parking procedures: Before entering, please apply for parking registration in advance through the check-in message. After that, you can park on B2 to B4.

  • If you haven't registered in advance, follow these steps to open the barrier at B2: Approach the visitor’s lane on the left side-> Check the orange colored box and press “#(hashkey)” - Call(전화) buttons to  the keypad -> Provide your room number to the  parking management office 

  • Once "Visitor Vehicle(방문차량)" appears on the LED display, your parking registration is complete.

  • If the entry/exit barrier is raised without any issues, there is no need for further registration.

  • Once registered, you can use free parking until your checkout date

  • What if you register your vehicle after entering the parking lot?:If the registration is complete, the first exit is free of charge. However, additional entries/exits will incur fees, so please proceed the registration procedures once again  before you enter the parking lot.. So please complete  the registration process again before entering the parking lot

  • Exit Procedures: You can pull-out the car without any additional steps.

  • If you haven't registered in advance, parking fees will incur and are non-refundable (30,000 won per 24 hours)

    * Elevators and parking lots are crowded around the check-out time, so it’s recommended that you check out approximately  30 minutes earlier than the check out time

Luggage storage

  • Luggage storage room : STORE B, 3F
  • You will receive the luggage storage password through a text message or the Kakao Messenger app on the day of your check-in 
  • Operation time:  09:00 ~ 23:00(Available up to 18:00 on the day of check-out, CCTV is installed)
  • Please use the luggage tag at the storage room. If you do not have a luggage tag or If you exceed the initial storage date by 30 days, the disposal procedure will be carried out in accordance with the lost and found policy.
  • Please store your luggage or belongings except for valuables, food and fragile items

Contactless Service & Operation

Check-in Guide

All Le Collective  branches are contactless and do not have a front desk.

Check-in: From 4pm onwards

Check-out: By 11am

  • Around 13PM on the day of check-in, you will receive a KakaoTalk message or text message informing you of your room number and door passcode.
  • The door passcode is set automatically starting from the check-in time, and you will only be able to enter starting from the check-in time.
  • Highly recommended to leave the room approximately an hour before the check out time to avoid crowds or delay in lift or parking lot.

Room Guide 

Room Guide