Urbanstay Sokcho Deungdae.


Sokcho Deungdae

Hello! This is Urbanstay.

We happily welcome you to Urbanstay Sokcho Deungdae.

We hope you have a wonderful stay, and would like to inform you of a few things you need to know before using the accommodation.



3F ~ 20F, 11 Yeongnanghaean 8-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


  • Search " Urbanstay Sokcho Deungdae " on Naver Map, T Map or Kakao Navigation. 
  • From the five-way intersection in front of Yangwoo Apartment, enter the alley of Donghae Jeotgal (to the Lighthouse Beach)

Parking & Luggage Storage

Parking &
Luggage Storage 

Parking Information

  • It will be operated as a "paid parking (Kakao valet) service" from July 10, 23. (5,000 won/day)  


  • You can park with "Kakao Valet" and you can get information at the entrance of the underground parking lot on the first floor of the building. 
  • Maximum 1 vehicle per room can use the valet service.  
  • Parking is not allowed when the parking lot is full, and please use the nearby parking lot at your own expense.
    *In the absence of parking staff, you can visit the valet parking booth or contact with the parking staff’s phone number at the lobby.
    * Limit height to underground parking lot: 2.1m

    [How to pick up your car] 
  • You can request the pick-up with the Tablet PC or scan the ticket's QR code that you received. 
  • After requesting the pick-up, you can check the pick up point with the monitor in the lobby.

    [Payment method] 
  • Parking assistance will check the amount according to the date of stay and assist you to make a payment the parking.(Advance payment/Card payment only)
  • 5,000KRW / day, 40,000KRW /month

    * Elevators and parking lots are crowded around the check-out time, so it’s recommended that you check out roughly 30 minutes before the actual check out time.

Luggage Storage

  • Luggage storage room : 2F, Room 203
  • You will be receiving the password for luggage storage upon arrival via text message or Kakao messenger app.
  • CCTV is installed in the public place of the building (hallway and luggage storage room, etc.) for theft prevention and security, but it is a public area, so please store it except for valuables and damaged products.

Contactless Service & Operation

Check-in Guide

All Urbanstay branches are contactless and do not have a front desk.

Check-in : From 4PM

Checkout : By 11AM

  • Around 12PM on the day of check-in, you will receive a KakaoTalk message or text message informing you of your room number and door passcode.
  • The door passcode is set automatically starting from the check-in time, and you will only be able to enter starting from the check-in time.
  • Highly recommended to leave the room roughly an hour before the actual check out time to avoid crowds or delay in lift or parking lot.

Room Guide

Room Guide


  • If the lights in the room do not turn on, please check the master switch at the room entrance.

Air conditioning / Heating system

  • Air conditioning can be used with the remote control of the air  conditioner. 
  • Heating is you may adjust the room temperature using the of the wall pad to the of the living room. 
  • Hot water is provided 24 hours and It can be used after setting up hot water on the heating controller.
  • The air circulator controller is located on the wall of the living room next to the heating controller.

             *While operating, there may be some beeping noises and vibrations generated. It will not be generated when turned off.


  • ID: urban_room number / PW: urban_room number
    Ex. If you are in Room 123: urban_0123
  • The ID and PW are the same. Please check uppercase, lowercase letters and underscore.
  • If the WIFI connection is unstable, you may use the WIFI that starts with the NEXT strongest signal.
  • Netflix and Youtube are available (Please use your personal account.)
  • If you use a personal account, please make sure to log out before checking out.
  • If you see "No input signal" on the TV screen:

           ① Please check if the HDMI cable is connected properly to the selected input socket.

           ② Turn off the power to the set-top box behind the TV, turn it back on, and wait 5 minutes to connect.



Electronics/Kitchen Appliances

  • Hair dryer 
  • Electric kettle, microwave 
  • Laundry machine, drying machine
  • Induction stove, Cooking pot & pan, utensils((plates, cups etc)

    We do not provide chargers, hair straighteners, skincare products, condiments (salt, pepper, etc.), etc.
    You can’t cook the food that generates lots of smoke (meat, fish, etc.). (The fire alarm may go off.)

Room Amenities 

The following amenities are provided 1-time at check-in regardless of the length of your stay. The following is based on a 2-person room. The default settings for each room are the same as the standard room capacity.

  • Disposable slippers * 2 pairs
  • Bath Towels * 2EA
  • Lyfe Project shampoo, conditioner, body wash - Large bottles are placed in the room

    As part of the environmental movement, we do not provi