Urbanstay the Ocean, Sokcho

Le Collective Seocho

by Urbanstay

Hello! This is Urbanstay.

We happily welcome you to Le Collective Seocho.

We hope you have a wonderful stay, and would like to inform you of a few things you need to know before using the accommodation.




50 Hyoryeong-go 53-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (1595-1 Seocho-dong), Zizel Signity Seocho


  • Search "LeCollective Seoul Seocho" on T Map, Kakao Navigation, etc.
  • 1 minute via taxi or 5-minute walk from Line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station Exit 6
  • 1 minute via taxi or 9-minute walk from Line 2 and 3 Seoul National University of Education Station Exit 14
  • The hotel has 2 buildings (Building A and B), so please make sure to check which building your room is in.

Building Structure and Movement

  • Upon entering the building on the 1st floor, check the message you received in advance and enter through the building's gate you were assigned.
  • Building A and B are only connected through Floor B1. You will not be able to move between the buildings on any other floor.
  • For Building B, if you park on Floor B4 or B5, you must ride the Building A elevator and get off on Floor B1, then go to Building B.

Parking & Luggage Storage

Parking &
Luggage Storage 

Parking Information

  • The parking lots on Floor B2-B5 may be used for a fee.
  • (Discounted price for hotel guests | 900 won every 30 minutes)
  • If you do not register, you will be charged a parking fee of 3,000 won every 30 minutes.
  • Click the link in the check-in notification after you check in and before you pick up your car for the first time to register your hotel guest parking discount.
  • Up to 1 vehicle per room may receive a discounted rate. (All additional vehicles will be charged the non-guest vehicle rate.)
  • The parking lot entrance is between Gate A and B.
  • All vehicles types with a clearance of 2.3m or below may park.

       *  If the parking lot is full, you will not be able to park. Please use a nearby parking lot at your own expense.

       *  The elevators and parking lot are very busy around checkout time, so please give yourself at least 30 minutes as you exit.

Luggage Storage

  • The luggage storage area is on Floor B3 of Building B. Get off the Building B elevator, and you will see it inside on the right.
  • You will receive the passcode to the luggage storage room through the check-in notification message/text message.
  • CCTV is installed in the public place of building (hallway and luggage storage room, etc.) for theft prevention and security, but it is a public area, so please store it except for valuables and damaged products.

Contactless Service & Operation

Contactless Operation

All Urbanstay branches are contactless and do not have a front desk.

Check-in : From 4PM

Checkout : By 11AM

  • Around 12PM on the day of check-in, you will receive a KakaoTalk message or text message informing you of your room number and door passcode.
  • The door passcode is set automatically starting from the check-in time, and you will only be able to enter starting from the check-in time.

Room Guide

Room Utilization


  • If the lights in the room do not turn on, please check the master switch at the room entrance.

Heater & Air conditioner

  • You may adjust the heater using the remote control attached to the wall of the room.
  • You may adjust the air conditioner using the remote control in the room.
  • Hot water is available 24 hours a day, but it may take 2-3 minutes. If hot water does not come out after 5 minutes, please contact customer service.


  • ID: lecol_room number / PW: lecol_room number
    Ex. If you are in Room 123: lecol_123
  • The ID and PW are the same. It is case-sensitive.
  • If the WIFI connection is unstable, you may use the WIFI that starts with NEXT with the strongest signal without a password.
  • The TV may be connected to Netflix and YouTube. (Please use your personal account.)
  • If you see "No input signal" on the TV screen :

           ① Please check if the HDMI cable is connected properly to the selected input socket.

           ② Turn off the power to the set-top box behind the TV, turn it back on, and wait 5 minutes to connect.

           ③ Then, please check if the external input status of the TV is connected to "HDMI 1".

  • You may use the BTV and the ham remote control. Use BTV to change the channel, and use the ham to watch Netflix or YouTube.


  • All spaces within the building are non-smoking, including inside the rooms and terrace. (You will be charged 150,000 won in compensation for damages upon violating these rules.)
  • You cannot grill food that generates lots of smoke (meat, fish, etc.). (The fire alarm will go off.)
  • If the fire alarm or sprinklers go off due to smoking or excessive cooking, you will be charged for additional compensation for damages.



Electronics/Kitchen Appliances

  • Clothes Styler, Hair dryer
  • Electric kettle, microwave 
  • Front load laundry machine
  • Induction, pot, frying pan, tableware (plates, cups, utensils) 

We do not provide chargers, hair straighteners, skincare products, condiments (salt, pepper, etc.), etc.


The following amenities are provided 1-time at check-in regardless of the length of your stay.

(Amenity list below is based on 4 occupants and the number amenity set will defer based on the maximum occupancy in each room type) 

  • Disposable slippers * 2 pairs
  • Clothes Styler sheet * 1 sachet
  • Large towels * 2 sheets
  • Lyfe Project shampoo, conditioner, body wash - Large bottles are placed in the room

Starting from 2022, disposable toothbrushes and toothpastes will not be provided in accordance with government regulations, and bathroom amenities have been changed to large bottles.

The following amenities are provided depending on the length of your stay. The amount provided per night is as follows.

(Only 3 days' worth of products will be provided at check-in. You may request more through the customer service center.)

  • 500 ml water x 2 bottles
  • Coffee machine + 2 coffee capsules
  • Medium towels * 6 sheets (2 additional towels will be provided for stays of 2 days or longer)

Requesting additional amenities

If you need more amenities, please ask the customer service center. If you need more amenities, you may request more with the following charges.

  •  a bottle of 500 ml water - 1,000 won
  • a pair of Disposable slippers - 2,000 won
  • 1 coffee capsule - 1,000 won
  • a travel dental kit of SALTRAIN (30g toothpaste + 2 toothbrushes) - 4,000 won (6,900 won ; original retail price)

Check-out guide


Trash disposal  

  • You may throw away regular trash in the room trash can before you leave.
  • For food waste, please seal up the food waste in the disposable vinyl bag provided in the room and put it in the kitchen.
  • If you'd like to take out the trash yourself, please use the recycling area located to the right of the accessible parking space on the first floor.

Lost Items

  • If you have lost any items, please contact the customer service center as soon as possible.
  • Lost items will be stored for up to 2 weeks before they are discarded. However, food ingredients, food, beverages and all items that are stored in the refrigerator will be discarded immediately upon discovery regardless of whether they were opened.
  • We will ship your lost item to you COD.

Other Services

Other Services  


Early Check-In / Late Checkout  

  • Early check-ins and late checkouts cannot be requested in advance. Please ask the customer service center on the desired date (by 10AM).
  • For late check-outs, you will be charged an additional 20,000 won per hour, and the latest you may stay is until 2PM.
  • Early check-ins and late checkouts may not be available depending on the room reservations and preparation status.


  • The room rate only includes housekeeping services for checking in new guests. If you'd like to extend your stay, additional housekeeping will not be included for your extended stay.
  • If you reserved 4 or more nights, light housekeeping services (excluding the kitchen and bathroom) will be provided once every 3 days, and full housekeeping services will be provided once every 6 days.
  • For all other housekeeping requests, you will be charged an additional fee. Please request additional housekeeping services through the customer service center in advance.

       - Housekeeping Requests: Please make your request through the customer service center by 6PM one day before the desired date 

          (if your request is received after 6PM, housekeeping will be assigned 2 days later)

       - Housekeeping Time: You may choose between the morning (10AM - 2PM) or evening (2PM - 6PM)